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Bottled Water Free Day

Bottled Water Free Day


Yesterday in Canada it was Bottled Water Free Day. It is a project of the Canadian Federation of Students, the Sierra Youth Coalition and the Polaris Institute.
Only ten years ago the concept of bottled water was a novelty. Now, bottled water is seen as a necessity—water fountains have disappeared and bottled water has infiltrated our schools, workplaces and communities.
The bottled water industry is less regulated than municipal water systems, consumes more energy and releases more harmful toxins into the environment than tap water.

“Across the country students are standing up against the wasteful bottled water industry,” said Noah Stewart, National Deputy Chairperson of the Canadian Federation of Students. “Tired of having to pay Coca Cola, Pepsi or Nestle for a drink of water we’re calling on schools to ban the sale of bottled water and re-invest in water fountains.”

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