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Breast Cancer sexualized

Breast Cancer sexualized

EdytaWithin a few weeks we will do a survey about shockvertising. We want to determine how far we advertising people can go in advertising.

For me this campaign from Poland about breast cancer awareness went too far. But until now I’m the only one. I asked a few friends and on our Facebook Fan Page and all comments are positive.

The campaign in brief: Warsaw ad agency Change Integrated recently replaced one of the models in the adult section of a popular Polish website with Edyta. According to the agency Edyta “trained” almost 175,000 men in a single week on how to examine their partner’s breast, much more than offline breast-check training courses. Men are big kids and they learn best while playing they agency said.

It is good for men to participate. And in advertising campaigns participation is done before. But I don’t like the idea of sexualizing a possible disease.
Breast cancer is already one of the most popular diseases to campaign about because of the erotic relation.
What is the next step? A campaign about colon cancer on a homoerotic website? Making tea baggers aware of testical cancer?

What do you think?

See the video below (NSFW).

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