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British pin-up model touches her.. self?

British pin-up model touches her.. self?


This PSA, starring “Page 3 Girl” model Rhian Marie Sugden, starts out like many of today’s hypersexualized breast/colorectal/cervical/prostate/etc. cancer prevention ads, but then it takes a turn for the weird.

See the video below. Warning: Contains graphic imagery that may not be safe for your workplace.

Judging by MCAC’s campaign site, these kind of shock shenanigans are par for the course.

What do you think of the approach? Is getting heterosexual men all hot and bothered, then hitting them with… that… going to be effective? It is at least memorable.

Update: Copyranter identifies the agency as JWT London. Photographer Rankin, who you will recall from a post from two days ago, directed.


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