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Broken Teens

Broken Teens

New campaign from MADD New Mexico (USA). Studies show that alcohol impacts the brain much more dramatically in teens than it does in adults. That is visualized in this artwork entitled Broken Teens.

Underage drinking is not just a youth problem. It is also very much an adult problem. Adults continue to allow those under the legal drinking age to drink—illegally—by selling alcohol to those under 21, providing or purchasing alcohol,  looking the other way when teens openly talk about their drinking exploits, and refusing to hold other adults and youth accountable for breaking the law.

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MADD New Mexico
Esparza Advertising, Albuquerque
Additional credits:
Creative Director: Adam Greenhood
Senior Designer: Jesse Arneson
Senior Copywriter: Jeremy Spencer
Director: David Lindsey Wade,
Lyndon Wade
Director of Photography: Michael Stine
Post Production Company: t2
Editor: Jon Bazata
Creative Director: Michael Ong
Graphics: Carson Catlin, Cody Beltram, Allen Robbins
FX: Carson Catlin, Cody Beltram, Allen Robbins
Post Production Producer: Nicole Melton
Post Production Producer: Chris Rinella
Sound Design: Noel Selders
Stylist: Sarah Thompson

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