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Burger King drives home a literacy message at the drive-through

Burger King drives home a literacy message at the drive-through


A few years ago, Marc and I had some April Fool’s Day fun with Osocio, pretending that we had been acquired by McDonald’s. For the day, we ran posts about how great McDonald’s was on corporate social responsibility and, naturally, trashed Burger King’s ethics.

Well, now I get to eat my (satirical) words because the Burger King Foundation has done something pretty interesting for World Literacy Month.

This concept has been done before, but nonetheless it’s a strong bit of experiential marketing for a good cause: The Burger King – McLamore Foundation.

The only thing that makes me a wee bit uncomfortable is how funny everyone found it to be in the shoes of someone who is illiterate. But then again, humour is a great mnemonic. reports that Burger King supported this effort with an innovative social media campaign as well, using Facebook’s translation functionality.

It is estimated that about 14% of American adults are functionally illiterate, with limited or no ability to decipher anything but the simplest written words.

H/T Burger Business

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