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Burning Like a Cigarette

Burning Like a Cigarette

This is a student project from Forsbergs School of advertising and Dramatiska Institutet (University College of Film) in Sweden/Stockholm.
The film “Burning Like a Cigarette” for A Non Smoking Generation targets young people in the age group 13-15 years. Teens who usually think everything is lame.

With a new take on the 90’s fear mongering campaigns the film highlights how dangerous smoking actually is. That no one seems to raise an eyebrow or speak up when a young person picks up a cigarette. It is shocking to see children drinking, doing drugs or cutting themselves but few reacts when teens smoke -and so the idea was born, Burning Like a Cigarette. The metaphor, that smoking would be like setting fire to your own body, inspired and scared us at the same time.

A Non Smoking Generation
Additional credits:
Copywiters: Katarina Macli and Martina Borg
Director: Terese Andrén
Photographer: Mattias Silva

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