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Burns and Smiles – the fight of burn victims

Burns and Smiles – the fight of burn victims

In this short film, we spend a very special evening with a burn victim. This victim has found a way to accept his condition. Acceptance and awareness is the main message in this campaign from the French organisation Burns and Smiles.

400,000 people get injured in fires every single year in France, with 10,000 being medically diagnosed as having severe burns. 

Burns and Smiles:

Burns victims’ initial reflex is to hide themselves away, particularly if their injuries are clearly visible. They isolate themselves not only to escape stares, but also because no specific structures exist to help them get back to living a (nearly) normal life.

The organisation is founded by Laurent Gaudens, burnt at the age of 4 himself. Burns and Smiles aim is to improve the day-to-day lives of burns victims by offering a powerful web-based support network.

The film is set on the night of Halloween. The actor has not been out for a year, for fear of judgments. While everyone thinks he wears a mask, he dares to finally be face to face. It is a striking reversal: Halloween gives way to monsters and horror, it is the only day this man is a normal guy among normal guys.

The actor is not a burn victim himself. Makeup, especially on the treatment of the ears which is particularly successful, makes it very close to reality. All reactions of the characters in the film are authentic, it reflects behavior that have nothing to do with the daily reality of burn victims. Apart from this special evening.

Director: Nicolas Galoux

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