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Buy yourself a Mandela #crowdfunding

Buy yourself a Mandela #crowdfunding


In 1994 photographer/director Sander Veeneman portrayed his hero Nelson Mandela. This well known portrait was nominated for the Silvern Camera 1994. Now you can purchase this picture and support Sander Veeneman’s first feature film ‘Exposed‘.


Exposed is the working title of a film about ordinary people in extreme circumstances. The young photographer Victor travels around the world to photograph people in desperate and threatening situations. He visits battlefields, refugee camps and disaster areas. He is driven by the belief that pain is the emotion that causes us to learn. And therefore he makes pictures that hurt. Gradually, however, he becomes entangled in his own quest. Ultimately not so much to the people he photographed and their circumstances leads as well to himself.

Sander Veeneman follow a number of stories in different parts of the world. Each story shows, always in a different way, the courage of ordinary people to risk their life to change course. The photographer Victor connects the different stories together.

Sander Veeneman is crowdfunding his project with four pictures.
You can see and purchase them here.

Maybe you know Sander Veeneman from the First8 project. It is a visual protest against poverty in the world. The campaigns focuses on the need to end the difficult and intolerable circumstances in which so many people around the world live.

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