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Cage Against The Machine: 4’33”

Cage Against The Machine: 4’33”

Do you also find the Christmas charts very annoying? In England they do. Last year they had a great action to break through the dominance of the X-factor mess. It was a victory, Rage Against the Machine became No. 1.
This year it can be even more obscure.
Cage Against The Machine started as a joke. And now the joke is so close to becoming a reality.

Cage Against The Machine is a campaign to get John Cage’s “silent” masterpiece, 4’33” [Wikipedia], to Christmas No 1 for 2010. At the time of writing, over 86,000 people have joined the Facebook Group. The ultimate goal: make it a silent night on Radio 1.
In case you don’t know, 4’33” is a piece of music containing 4 minutes and 33 seconds of silence.
Participating is easy. Buy the mp3 in the iTunes store or other online stores. It is a non commercial project. Funds go to five different charities.

The video above is the making of.


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