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Campaign of the Month March: Have a break: Greenpeace vs KitKat

Campaign of the Month March: Have a break: Greenpeace vs KitKat

The Osocio bloggers choose the best campaign every month. At the end of the year we will have twelve great campaigns from which we will choose the Campaign of the Year.
The Campaign of the Month of February is no surprise: Have a break: Greenpeace vs KitKat.

From a creative point of view the video isn’t a winner but the campaign from Greenpeace causes an enormous amount of media attention. And as told by a Greenpeace campaign manager to Osocio: “It’s been amazing. It’s almost like they’re [Nestlé] working *for* us…”

In case you missed it, Nestlé made some devastating mistakes. According to Greenpeace Nestlé lied about replacing the Indonesian company Sinar Mas as a supplier of palm oil. YouTube deleted the video after complaints of Nestlé. And they had some troubles about fake Nestlé logo’s used on their Facebook page.

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Two campaigns on the second place in March:
Beamvertising: Virtual Homeless
The Story of Bottled Water

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