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Campanha antidrogas: the end of the line

Campanha antidrogas: the end of the line


mackenzie-antidrogas-2 Various campaign items in a surprising outdoor campaign from the Instituto Prebisteriano Mackenzie (Mackenzie Presbiterian Institute) in Brazil.
Above a optical illusion made with floor adhesive tape in several Mackenzie campus lobbies and a sign saying:
“Drogas Sao assim: o fim da linha”
“Drugs are just like this: the end of the line”

Thanks Armando for translating

Special distortion mirrors placed around Mackenzie Prebisterian University:
“Quem abusa das drogas e do álcool fica irreconhecível”
“Those who abuse drugs and alcohol become unrecognizable”


Adhesive Taped on trash bins, spread around Mackenzie campus:
“É assim que quem usa drogas preenche a cabeça”
“This is how those who use drugs fill their heads”



Board, 27m of size:
“As drogas afastam você de quem você mais gosta”
“Drugs push you away of those you like”


“O abuso do álcool separa você dos melhores momentos da vida”
“The abuse of the alcohol separates you of the best moments of the life”


Instituto Prebisteriano Mackenzie
Publicis Brasil

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