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Can you fight cancer by drinking wine?

Can you fight cancer by drinking wine?

This post isn’t about studies that promote moderate drinking as healthy, or about how drinking too much can cause disease. It’s about a California winery that wraps all its marketing in causes.

OneHope Wine boldly proclaims on its site that half of all their profits go to charities. And they list them: autism, AIDS, environment, people in military service, children’s hospitals — and breast cancer.


What I like about this brand is how transparent everything is. The amount of the purchase price going to charity, and who receives it, are all very up-front. Plus, they put a focus on putting the money to work immediately, choosing charities that can show immediate results.

According to their Facebook page, for example, they say that the $16,129 they’ve raised for the National Breast Cancer Foundation through “Fighting Breast Cancer” wine sales has funded 161 mammograms for women who could not otherwise afford to pay for them (ain’t US healthcare grand?).

Yes, it is always dangerous when causes and profits are intertwined. But OneHope are adamant that they are doing what’s right: “We’ve been laughed at, and called crazy for giving away half of our profits, but why wait until we’re old to do it? Why not make money and give at the same time? It makes perfect sense to us. It’s true that we’re young, and idealistic. Some even suggest we’re naive, but the positive impact on people’s lives and results don’t lie.”

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