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Can you guilt people into organ donation?

Can you guilt people into organ donation?

Copy: “If you’re not an organ donor when you die, you take someone else with you”

While this blog often features the “best” of what we see happening in social and cause marketing, we often find ourselves featuring other campaigns simply as cautionary tales.

This one, by Lowe in Lowe Cape Town, South Africa, is one of those. While the insight is true, the message is just awful. Organ donation is a wonderful gift, freely given in life as a way to make one’s death help others. It is not an obligation. But this campaign implies that it is.

Why is that such a problem? I find it rather insulting to the people who have chosen to be donors — not through guilt, but for much more noble reasons. And guilt is not considered an effective form of persuasion anymore. It’s rather old hat.

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