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Cancer hospital hard at work putting itself out of business

Cancer hospital hard at work putting itself out of business

Seattle Cancer Care Alliance

The goal of each charity is to make themselves redundant. That’s why we call them non-profit.
That a for-profit hospital tries the same is remarkable.

The Seattle Cancer Care Alliance is spending a third of its 2014 budget for shrinking its target market. Do do it with the prevention campaign Do One Thing. It promotes cancer risk-reducing lifestyle changes that people, especially adults 45+ and especially women, can make on their own, without participation in any hospital program.

Just do one thing is the overall message. You don’t have to change everything. You don’t have to do everything. Every day, pick one healthy thing, and do it.

The video shows three would-be cancer avoiders do a lot of attempting, a good deal less succeeding, at dozens of different healthy lifestyle changes. The video is at new microsite, which also includes recipes, exercises and advice.

There is also a free Do One Thing app, for iOS or Android, which lets you set goals, then gives reminders and tracks your progress. The tracking can be private or shared socially.

Seattle Cancer Care Alliance
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