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Carbon Fighters

Carbon Fighters


Very unusual artwork from France for the Carbon Fighters.
Carbon Fighters intends to be “the first worldwide community to fight Carbon in a creative and playful way in the business environment”.
This plan created by MAP (TBWAFRANCE) aims to raise awareness of useless carbon emissions among employees through a creative campaign supporting one idea: reducing carbon footprint does not have be a constraint but instead a game and a personal commitment.

While explaining what are the simple acts of everyday life that reduce carbon emissions, the press campaign also invites to join the Carbon Fighters community on the Web site There, Carbon Fighters can share experiences, and also order the communication package and implement the action within their company.







Additional credits:
Creative Directors: Manoëlle Van Der Vaeren & Sébastien Vacherot
Design and Art Direction: Julien Boissinot & Nicolas Pontacq
Agency Managers: Jocelyn Jarnier & Julien Di Pace
Art buyer: Vanessa Barbel
Illustrators: Ben Newman, Jean Spézial, Bobdoob, Jeff Soto, Adrian Johnson, Jorge Alderete, Mark Verhaagen, Little Friends of Printmaking
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