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Cardboard hearts to make sure there is #ningudormintalcarrer

Cardboard hearts to make sure there is #ningudormintalcarrer


In Barcelona, there are around 3.000 homeless people. Arrels Fundació has been working for more than 25 years with one goal: #ningudormintalcarrer (#nobodysleepingonthestreet).

This Christmas, the foundation launched a fundraising campaign with the name “People with a heart”. The objective is to raise awareness about homelessness and to raise funds to provide housing the homeless. To make sure that there is #ningudormintalcarrer.

Cardboards are often used in homelessness campaigns. And also in the campaign from Arrels Fundació is it a logical choice.

Arrels Fundació: “The cardboard symbolizes sleeping on the street and the heart reminds us that homeless people also have one. By using the hashtag #ningudormintalcarrer (nobodysleepingonthestreet) in the design, a combination of online and offline action is achieved.”

Some of the pictures published on Instagram (see them all here):


The offline campaign is focused on direct marketing and street marketing. Arrels’ volunteers, professionals and homeless people have been walking through Barcelona for a week carrying huge cardboard hearts. The objective of the action on the street was to make the homeless people visible and to encourage people to reveal their hearts and join the cause.

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The team in front of the foundation headquarters:


Arrels Fundació
Additional credits:
The campaign has been supported by the communication agencies Sonia Flotats (coordination), La Plaza de Pérez (creativity and graphic design) and Ondho (online development).

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