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Celebrate 20 Years of Sobriety with Combating Homelessness

Celebrate 20 Years of Sobriety with Combating Homelessness

If you know Mark Horvath then there is nothing else to say than watch the video above and donate. Because it’s worth every penny (or dollar cent).

Never heard about Mark? Where have you been recent years? You can make it right by watching the video above and donate. Are you still not convinced? Read these articles.

Mark about Mark:

This August 24th I will have 20 years sober. It’s nothing short of a miracle that I have even 1 day sober –  much less coming up on 20 years. I was one of the “worst of the worst” drug addicts you will ever find. But…I am also proof that when given a chance people’s lives can and will change for the better.

Mark about his amazing project Invisible People:

Invisible People’s work is important! I strongly believe that if the general public viewed our homeless neighbors as being the real people that they are, there wouldn’t be such humiliation and violence against people experiencing homelessness! Awareness and education on homelessness can change that, and your support in funding Invisible People is breaking wrong stereotypes and changing how tens of millions of lives view homeless individuals.

DID YOU KNOW that Invisible People is one of the only national awareness and educational campaign on homelessness? Just turn on the TV and you’ll see anti-smoking ads, don’t text and drive videos are all over the internet, and causes from the need to recycle to global warming are everywhere we look, and they should be. But except for Invisible People, there are zero campaigns teaching the general public about homelessness.

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