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Celebrating 30 years of forest conservation in 360 interactive animation

Celebrating 30 years of forest conservation in 360 interactive animation

I’ve always liked the work of Fundação SOS Mata Atlântica, the Brazilian NGO for the preservation of the Atlantic Forest. Because it was often innovative, positive and always beautiful. Now they celebrate their 30th anniversary with another beautiful campaign. This time it is an interactive 360 degrees animated video with a soundtrack by singer/composer Emicida.

Marcia Hirota, executive director of SOS Mata Atlântica:

We are very happy to have a music video with Emicida, an artist who is held in such high regard, with a renown musical production that addresses issues that are so relevant to society. This partnership is important, especially for the new generations, as it spreads the message of sustainable development and the importance of nature to our quality of life, including within the urban environment.

The interactive video shows the musings of a driver stuck in a traffic jam. Hearing on the radio that SOS Mata Atlântica is turning 30, he begins to imagine how the world would have been had we made different decisions regarding the environment that we want.

The whole world is our home, soon we will all be affected by the effects of deforestation is the main message. The video features symbols of the struggle for preservation, such as the muriqui spider monkey, the giant anteater and the golden lion tamarin, all threatened with extinction.

Daniel Motta, Creative Director at DPZ&T, the agency behind the campaign:

It’s worth noting that despite the digital language, all the species portrayed are faithful to those native to the Atlantic Forest. We use Virtual Reality to put the spectator inside this world where the flora and fauna cohabit with the progress of big cities in order to provoke a reflection: the world hasn’t ended, it’s still possible to find a balance – and we are all part of it.

The video is compatible with all virtual reality devices, but can also be viewed in 360° by anyone, even without a VR headset, on smartphones or on a computer. Use the navigation button on the top left if you have no VR headset. (English readers can also use the translation option at the right bottom of the video).

With versions of 2 ‘, 5’, 15 ‘, 30’ and 60 ‘ seconds, the spot titled “30 years” has direction by Guilherme Marcondes and production by Vetor Zero/Lobo. Creation of the campaign has the signature of Daniel Motta, Daniel Mattos, Luciano Honda, along with Rafael Urenha and Daniel Motta as Creative Director.

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