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Radi-Aid App: Change A Life With Just One Swipe

Radi-Aid App: Change A Life With Just One Swipe

It’s November and thus time for the Radi-Aid Awards. They are about the creativity in fundraising campaigns, an idea started in 2013 by SAIH, the Norwegian Students’ and Academics’ International Assistance Fund. They are awarding creative fundraising campaigns with the Golden Radiator Award, and stereotypical campaigns with the Rusty Radiator Award.

People working in fundraising know the awards very well because of the campaign video which accompanied the award election. Every year very funny, on topic and giving us a confrontational insight into what we do as development and advertising professionals.

The 2016 video is introducing the Radi-Aid App, the latest innovation in the field of charity and technology. The spoof which is going viral on Facebook is focusing on sponsorship adverts. Giving gifts to people who need them the most.

The Rusty Radiator Award is the most teaching part of the SAIH event (and secretly it’s also fun to laugh at other people’s clumsiness). The winner who goes off with the dubious honor must surely be Save the Children Netherlands with their poverty porn “Give to Children like Jon. Donate now!” (see below)

What is your choice? Vote here for the Rusty Radiator Award and here for the Golden Radiator Award.

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