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Change and save a women’s life interactively #supportafriend #1in4women

Change and save a women’s life interactively #supportafriend #1in4women


This interactive video for the ‘Support a Friend’ campaign is the latest phase of the 1in4women campaign, launched by national domestic violence charity Refuge and Avon. How you respond to the questions asked will determine how the video plays out.
The target audience is not the victim of domestic violence but the family and friends of women who might be in trouble. Therefore the campaign is entitled Support a Friend.
The campaign reflects the statistic that one woman in every four will experience domestic violence at some point in her lifetime.

Refuge made 9 videos for this campaign. 8 of them contains a question for the the viewer. The last video will drive people to the campaign website
The videos are animated by French musician and film director Fursy Teyssier.

Try the interactivity with the first video for the campaign below.

The official launch was today at 14:00 (UK time). Avon UK and Refuge used Thunderclap. It is a crowdspeaking platform that helps users be heard by saying something together.
With this action they reached 1,165,409 people.

Angela Tucker, Head of Recruitment and Sales at Avon says: “Harnessing Avon’s unprecedented woman-to-woman network of independent Representatives and the significant reach of social media, we are determined to confront this issue.  Simple and easy to use, this interactive video will send a shockwave of awareness through the online community and empower women to learn more about domestic violence.”

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