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Charlie the Trouser Snake: a f*cking fable

Charlie the Trouser Snake: a f*cking fable

Another American one for AIDES, and it would have to be from the English-speaking world.

It makes use of a selection on English genital and anal euphemisms: trouser snake (penis); beaver (vulva); bearded clam (vulva again — although so few are “bearded” these days!); Cock (you know that one) and Puckered Starfish (anus).


That’s it for today’s Dirty English lesson, my international friends. Now be f*cking safe.

PS: The credits list a French Translator. I’d love to see how they did that if anyone has a link.

Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco,
Additional credits:
Executive Creative Director: Erik Vervroegen
Art Director: Adrien Bindi
Designer: Mandi Lin
Account Executive: Francois Grouiller
Copywriter: Nathaniel Lawlor
Illustrator: Andy Ward
Print Producer / Art Buyer: Britt Gardner
Operations Manager: Renee Fisher, Mignonne Lysiak
Digital Artist: Joel Scott Wheeler
French Translator: Veronique Sels
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