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A cheesy story – The ad Doritos doesn’t want you to see

A cheesy story – The ad Doritos doesn’t want you to see

Earlier this week, SumOfUs launched a new campaign against tortilla chips company Doritos, asking their parent company, Pepsico, to use deforestation-free palm oil in their products.

The strategy behind this video is pretty brilliant. What they did was responding to and sub-vertising Doritos’ Crash the Super Bowl campaign – a call to filmmakers to create the most Doritos-y video to be aired during the Super Bowl. Sum Of Us’ video is pretty Doritos-y indeed, but the ending is not quite what you would expect…

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Palm oil plantations are responsible for the clearing of hectares of rainforest and peatlands across South-East Asia and the extinction of species like the orangutan and Sumatran tiger, while also contributing to global warming. To find out more, check out the campaign for more information.

SumOfUs is also planning on ‘crashing the Super Bowl’ with a thunderclap that will make the video visible to thousands of people as the Super Bowl begins.

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