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ChildLine: ‘how u feelin’ remixer

ChildLine: ‘how u feelin’ remixer

“How are you? What’s up? How’s things? These questions allow us to say what’s on our minds. Happy? Sad? Angry? Ok? However you feel, we would like to know– that’s why we’re asking you and other young people ‘how u feelin?’”

The ‘how you feelin’ campaign from the children’s charity NSPCC ChildLine (UK), invited children to respond to the question ‘how you feelin’?, and informs them how to contact the NSPCC support line and website for help and advice.
The final ad was shot by young Director Dennis Liu, who collaborated with musician Paul Hartnoll of dance act Orbital to create an interactive ad where kids can create their own ‘mashup’ version:

“With this ad we wanted to grab young people’s attention and show them that ChildLine can help them express how they are feeling,” said Paul Silburn, creative partner at Saatchi & Saatchi London. “The remix online application gives them the space to do this in a creative and interactive way.”

The campaign started last year. Children where invited to make a remixed to express their own feelings. The best remixed version made this winter was broadcasted recently on national TV.

See the making of advertising video below.

The ‘how u feelin?’-remixer:


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