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“Choose life, you have the right to choose” – „Избери живот – Имаш право на

“Choose life, you have the right to choose” – „Избери живот – Имаш право на

The Macedonian government launched last week a media campaign against abortion under the slogan: „Избери живот – Имаш право на избор“” –
“Choose life, you have the right to choose”. The campaign appeared in a series of articles in the print media, as well as two videos that show
only the negative consequences of abortion.

The first advertisement explains abortions consequences:


The second advertisement explains how decision against abortion can be a decision for the family:


In the critical and very well attended blog, “Feminist”  Kristina Hadzi-Vasileva referred to the recent campaign against abortion.

About second advertisement Kristina Hadzi-Vasileva wrote:
“The boyfriend is interested only in football (soccer). The girlfriend tells him that they are going to have a baby, and he responds that they have no [material] conditions to raise it. But look, she manages to persuade him by reminding him that they went out the previous night and spent a thousand Denars (around EUR 16 or USD 20). She then comes out with the key “argument” – that the child will most probably be male and look like him, after which he “lays down his arms.” I am still puzzled as to how exactly this advertisement explains the consequences of abortion? Possibly there will be a sequel with the husband and wife arguing in front of the child about having no money, with him accusing her of blackmailing him to marry her “shotgun wedding”-style. Chances are that such lack of abortion can produce psychological consequences.”

Association for Women’s Rights consider the data that were presented to the public, as too one-sided: they do not show all aspects of abortion.
Experts for Human Rights fear of the possibility that this campaign is just preparing the ground for the introduction of the prohibition of abortion.

HERA (Association for Health Education and Research, Skopje ) and the Association of Gynecologists of Macedonia fight together against the campaign of the government and at the same time those two organizations have requested the resignation of the campaign.

I quote from “Libela”, informations portal for women:

“… Macedonian newspaper “Dnevnik” presents an interview with the president of the Association for the protection of patients – Vesna Velić-Stefanovski. Stefanovska believes that women have the right to know the positive and the negative consequences of abortion, as well as possible risks of such a submission (or any other) surgery. “one-sided and incomplete information may give a misleading picture of the abortion and give the patient motivation to make decisions that are not in line with their actual needs and possibilities,” says Stefanovska, adding to, in its effort to propagate the pro-birth policy, the Government should turn to strategies such as family planning …”

Lack of information and manipulation is not the right way to plan a family. Decision against abortion is not necessarily healthy start of parenthood.

I hope that is clear to the Macedonian Government, … therefore, that banning abortion does not automatically mean more children and less unprotected sex,
but only more illegal abortions.

On the contrary, I´m afraid, that the boundaries of women rights in Macedonia, fought hard for years, are moving in the wrong direction.



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