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Christmas gifts for the person who has everything

Christmas gifts for the person who has everything

Advertising and campaigning seems so simple to do but it isn’t. I’ve seen so many ads communicating mixed messages or badly described problems.
This video from the Vancouver Union Gospel Mission (UGM) is a great example of good advertising. No budget but the UGM succeed in bringing one simple message: see our Christmas catalogue with gifts for the person who has everything.
Their shop is not for having things but for giving a warm shelter for 5 nights. Giving bus tickets or employment counselling & work wardrobe etc.

The UGM Christmas catalogue was mailed out to thousands of homes in the Vancouver area, and several low-cost newspaper ads were taken out in local papers. The video part of the campaign is entirely web-based.
The low-budget, hand-held promo video was written, shot and filmed in a week by UGM’s in-house Communications team.

Vancouver Union Gospel Mission
Additional credits:
Written by: Kevan Gilbert, J. Stewart
Narration: Danielle Leaf
Starring: Leah Gregg, Kevan Gilbert
Editing: Kevan Gilbert

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