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Church crowdfunding billboard to apologize to NC LGBT community

Church crowdfunding billboard to apologize to NC LGBT community


We wrote before about a campaign trying to rally opposition to North Carolina’s “Amendment One,” which would put the statement “Marriage between a man and a woman is the only domestic legal union that shall be valid or recognized” into state law. Despite a valiant effort by the state’s more progressive groups, the amendment passed on May 8.

Following a flurry of bad press for the people of NC, Missiongathering, an inclusive San Diego church, wants likeminded people across the United States (and elsewhere) to fund the above billboard as an expression of apology and support for NC’s LGBT community.

On their Givimo page, the church states: “We at Missiongathering Christian Church want to print and display the following Billboard in Charlotte, N.C. that offers an APOLOGY to the LGBT community who were discriminated against with the recent passing of Amendment One… We’ve launched this Givimo Campaign as a way to raise the funds for this project, as well as invite you to partner with us in sending this apology to those in N.C. who were denied rights and equality.”

Their goal is to raise $3000 for the production and posting of the billboard. As the campaign has just launched, as of this writing only $75 has been pledged.

There is also a campaign Facebook page: OurHeartsAreWithYou

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