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Cleaning Up the Gulf Using One Dirty Word: Unf—k

Cleaning Up the Gulf Using One Dirty Word: Unf—k

Using the F-word is not my daily routine but the oil spill in the Gulf break laws.
Green Guy Nate Guidas and Luke Montgomery started a campaign because BP’s oil spill has made them mad as f—k.

“We created this website, t-shirt and video because we are tired of seeing images of oiled birds and yelling at the TV… and we know hundreds of thousands of you out there feel the same way. With all the righteous anger that’s been flowing like crude oil into the Gulf, we wanted to do something positive and help. The charities we are supporting are doing awesome work and we hope you will give them a helping hand as they clean this f—king mess up. Together we can clean up the Gulf… one dirty word at a time.”

Unf—k the Gulf.

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