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Cleaning up the Internet with alternatives to offensive words

Cleaning up the Internet with alternatives to offensive words


I like the idea of this new plug-in for Google Chrome. Of course it doesn’t work because the biggest assholes on the internet will roar with laughter.

The idea is simple. A special chrome plug-in which recognizes offensive words and offers the user positive alternatives, just before he hits the ‘send’ button. Just what I tried as seen in the image above.

Agency BBR Saatchi & Saatchi recently hosted a workshop for the StartupSeeds teens in which they were introduced to the basics of advertising. The main objective of the workshop was to come up with a solution to cyber-bullying. The decision to invite the teenagers stemmed from the understanding that they understand best what it feels like and would be best suited to identify, tackle and fight the problem.

Out of dozens of ideas, the agency chose the one which addressed the offending party, the cyber bully, just before he writes the offensive message on platforms like Facebook, blogs and forums.

Even though I think the action will not be successful I like the sign. I’m very happy living in a country where I can say anything. But there is a question I often imposes: it is necessary to say everything what cross my mind?

Download the Google Chrome plug-in here.

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