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Close the door to deforestation

Close the door to deforestation


Espalhe Guerilla Marketing create elevator posters comparing one year statistics about deforestation to celebrate one year of Rede Ecoblogs. The Rede Ecoblogs (Ecoblogs Network, English version) is a blog network that agregate posts about environment and sustainability, sponsored by MAPFRE Insurance Company in Brazil.
Copy readable when the elevator doors open: “A rede Ecoblogs está comemorando um ano. Tempo suficiente para a área de desmatamento na Amazônia aumentar 10.000 km2.”
“The Rede Ecoblogs is celebrating one year. Enough time to increase the Amazon’s deforestation area with 10.000 km2”.

Rede Ecoblogs
Espalhe Guerilla Marketing
Additional credits:
Planner/Creative Director: Gustavo Fortes
Content Director: Patricia Albuquerque
Art Director: Gabriel Muchon
Copywriter: Cintia Costa
Production: Cleber Martins
Social Media: Wagner Tamanaha

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