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“Coal will say anything” in Sierra Club’s weird new campaign

“Coal will say anything” in Sierra Club’s weird new campaign


For its first major video campaign (thanks to a $50 million grant from Bloomberg Philanthropies) Sierra Club is going after what it implies are the deceptive tactics used by the coal industry to stay relevant:

The United States still relies heavily on coal, burning it for about half of its domestic electricity production. The emissions do more than raise atmospheric carbon levels; they significantly damage public health through respiratory disease and complications.

According to Sierra Club:

“Sierra Club is launching these series of videos to bring awareness that coal is a 19th century fuel that is making our country sick and getting in the way of a prosperous future and clean energy jobs. Sierra Club has partnered up with us, Mekanism, to spread the word about the dangerous and deadly effects of coal through hilarious viral videos featuring iconic TV personalities and shows from the 1980s. These ads use irreverent humor to address and bring attention to a very serious and topical subject that continues to be a major issue in U.S. legislation and policy – the harm caused by coal pollution. “

I’m not sure these ads will do much more than raise awareness of the Sierra Club brand and the campaign itself, since they are light on educational content. But they may help remind predisposed supporters that the energy industry really needs to clean up its act.

See another video — featuring a badly-overdubbed Bob Ross — after the break.

(And thanks to Daisy for the tip!)

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