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Cocaine Unwrapped

Cocaine Unwrapped

“Cocaine Unwrapped” is a film by Rachel Seifert, exploring cocaine and the international distribution of the drug as well as the money that makes it happen.

Leo Burnett London is promoting the film with a new campaign including a piece of sound design that transforms the snorting of a line of cocaine in London into an execution somewhere in Mexico.

The first 90 second film, ‘Run for your Life’, explains the deaths with the lines ‘For every line of cocaine snorted in the UK, a life is taken in South America. You can’t ignore what’s under your nose’.
The second film shows how Colombian people are being explored because of cocaine, and how we’re fuelling ‘the machine’ and how not to ignore what’s under our nose.

For the premiere, Leo Burnett also produced electronic invitations that scroll down a white line to a wrap with the event details and hard copy wraps that can be opened to reveal the information.
‘You can’t ignore what’s under your nose’ hopes to bring the effects of cocaine on those innocent people a little closer to home.

You can follow the campaign at or on Even if the Twitter alias would be more appropriate for a certain brand of soft drinks.

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