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Code Red – Paramedics Fair Pay Campaign

Code Red – Paramedics Fair Pay Campaign

Code Red - Paramedics Fair Pay Campaign

We can’t help looking at ambulances. It’s a morbid, human-rubber-neck-nature thing I suppose. The high speeds, flashing lights and sirens aren’t bad attention grabbers either. That’s why the Code Red campaign by the Ambulance Employees Association of Victoria is doing a great job at getting under Premier Dennis Napthine and the Victorian Government’s skin. For the last 20 months on the streets across the State of Victoria, Australia, the majority of ambulances you pass or that speed past you have hand written, activist messages asking for better pay and working conditions for ambulance crews (affectionately known as “Ambos” in the local slang).

Check out some examples below, curated from their Code Red Facebook page. What do you think? Are the messages a pleasant surprise which connects you with the plight of the Ambos inside or do you feel it is inappropriate to deface these serious, life-saving vehicles with industrial action messages? Would this tactic change your vote?

Code Red - Paramedics Fair Pay Campaign



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The fact that the messages are hand written and created most probably by the individual ambulance crews themselves, make this campaign extremely effective… I think they wouldn’t be nearly as effective if they were professionally designed and neatly placed stickers. Points too for some of the Ambos giving their audience calls to action such as “email your MP” or social media hashtags.  I suppose it just goes to show you can make your campaign heard above the noise, when you communicate it in an authentic and original way.

Code Red - Paramedics Fair Pay Campaign




Ambulance Employees Australia of Victoria

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