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Coin Maze: start change in your community

Coin Maze: start change in your community


This piece of art called Coin Maze is a new fundraising tool. An interactive coin-bank-kiosk that promotes community involvement and accepts spare change donations in a secure and weather resistant maze sculpture.
The Coin Maze Campaign allows individuals to enjoy the aesthetic and interactive benefits of this public art piece while giving back small donations or coins to a charitable cause of any kind, in any community.

Coin Maze Campaign was formed through the collaborative efforts and strategic design research of Jason M. Brown, an Arizona State College of Design Graduate, and Damon Del Deo of Del Deo Design Studio:

Our objective is to provide charitable organizations, public art programs and institutions with an opportunity to help communities in need everywhere. Our community activism movement is driven by small acts of coincern; because small amounts of spare coins can add up to large amounts of hope.




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