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Colectivo Aliados

Colectivo Aliados


A few months ago I discovered the website of the Mexican design collective Colectivo Aliados. Stunning activist design work but hard to understand what the collective is about because all was writen in Spanish. Now the launched their new site Colectivo.Aliados 2.0, available in various languages.

Colectivo Aliados is set up by Manolo G, Eréndida M, Alberto M, Carlos R, (Mexico) and Futuro M, (Colombia). They launched the collective in april 2003 with their first project “Aliados vs Aliados” to protest about the invasion in Iraq. They received about 60 posters and did the web distribution.
After that they started more social projects in the same way: everybody who wants to participate can submit artwork and the collective distributed it in several ways.

This is their manifest:

  1. The design is not a tool for self-promotion.
  2. The design is not art, although it takes several of their languages.
  3. The design of communication is not restricted to advertising.
  4. The social design is a way of bringing solutions space object and communication to the real problems without waiting for that utility.
  5. The design solutions should not be the result of aesthetic fashion or the whims of the designer formal, but the real needs of each project.
  6. The designer must work with the procedures more environmentally friendly and sustainable within its power.
  7. The design must take into account the possible uses that can make its products persons with different abilities.
  8. The design should not be designed only for those who can afford it as an object of luxury.
  9. The design is cooperating in educating society and over time is a reflection of culture.
  10. The design should lose the shop windows and architectural niches and melted into the streets.

I must say that I’m in love of this project. I seldom saw such a diversity in social design on various topics. Go to and stumble through the galleries. For this post I choose some work from their two latest projects: ‘Migration and displacement’ and ‘Free Tibet’.

Migration and displacement
“Behind diasporas there are always stories of forcible tearing psychological and spiritual and material loss that are difficult to repair, for this reason the processes of accommodation to the new conditions of life are often not easy. A foreigner will always be outside, despite their possible alignment with the new environment, and in many cases be subjected because of the urgent nature of their circumstances.”
More here.






Free Tibet
The Collective invites everyone to participate in the proposed Peace for Tibet.






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