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Collection Arab

Collection Arab



Arabian writing is an art by itself, but missing these beautiful Arabian influences in modern fashion was the main reason to start this new fashion collection made by Farida Nounat and Thomas van Gelder.
This new brand is meant to be worn by everyone, young and older, people who have a connection with their Arab roots as well as people who are just stunned by the plane beauty of Arabian handwriting.
Farida and Thomas choose words and texts on their shirts with no specific religious or political meaning, their message is just focussed on the pure beauty of Arabian writing itself. If their collection tributes to a better world and more positive news about Arabs and Muslims, that would be an extra contribution to their initiative. They hope that their co-operation sets an example for others to let the East meet the West!
In case you can’t read Arabic, the words on the shirts are things like ‘Peace’ or ‘Music’.
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