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Come together, right now, over food

Come together, right now, over food

(Apologies to the late John Lennon)


Pretty ad, but hopefully it has the draw to get people to visit the site so they know what the hell it is about. Here’s the caption from Ads of The World:

Recipeace is a social movement aims to join conflicting people through food in celebration of International Peace Day on September 21, 2012. To build awareness, Leo Burnett Chicago is asking chefs, restaurants, food ambassadors and foodies around the world to join the Recipeace movement. People can pledge for peace by cooking a meal inspired by recipes that have resolved conflict in history, visit a participating restaurant reserving tables for peace meals or tweet ideas of individuals who should come together over food for peace.

The idea is that coming together over a meal is the first step to resolving conflict. It’s a very ancient tradition. Some scholars attribute cultural restrictions on diet to be rooted in keeping neighbouring tribes from intermingling — if we cannot sit down together to eat, we can’t be friends, allies, or intermarried.

The campaign site features a list of restaurants hosting “peace meals” in and around Chicago, with the invitation, “Think of someone you need to resolve a conflict with, and invite them to dinner.”

I guess it’s a start. And the posters are nice. See the rest of them after the break.


Leo Burnett, Chicago, USA
Ads of The World

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