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Comedy makes everything better

Comedy makes everything better


I said it here before, making a blog like this isn’t always fun seeing all the terrible things in life.
I’m glad I found these ads for the World of Comedy Film Festival (WCFF) held in Toronto, Canada in the second week of march this year. The festival is being presented by The Humour Group (THG), an independent not-for-profit organization in Toronto.

From the WCFF website: The WCFF believes that comedy is best enjoyed when shared in a communal situation – so what better way to laugh your way through a dreary March day than by attending a film festival! Not only is a good laugh fun but it’s also therapeutic, cathartic and can even help one reflect upon the deepest moral and societal beliefs of our lives. We love to laugh and we need to laugh – it brings joy, offers perspective and in this case, it at least gets us out of the house!


World of Comedy Film Festival (WCFF)

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