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Comparing voting to losing your virginity? It’s been done before.

Comparing voting to losing your virginity? It’s been done before.


This pro-Obama ad, featuring filmmaker Lena Dunham (of Girls fame), has caused a fair bit of controversy among some American conservatives for its comparison between voting for the first time and losing your virginity:

Joe.My.God. quotes Penny Nance, head of Concerned Women For America:

“The misogynistic Obama Campaign has released an obnoxious, double-entendre of a Web ad, featuring a woman who looks and acts like an overly immature, tattooed twelve-year-old. Once again, Obama is reducing women to — do we have to say it again? — ‘lady parts.’ Well, the pimply faced adolescents over at Obama HQ need to grow up and realize that we think with our brains and act with our hearts — again, ‘Lady Smarts, Not Lady Parts.’ Obama’s good ‘ol boys may have their minds in the gutter, but our minds are on our pocketbooks. In every sense of the phrase, ‘It’s the economy, stupid.’ Did they miss the headline about the ‘gender gap’ between Obama and Romney disappearing? Maybe it’s because we’re not a bunch of cheap floozies, easily bought with condoms and free pills.”

Me, I just think the “first time” gag was a lazy way to get attention at the beginning of what turns out to be an intelligent and compelling political rant. Perhaps she would have raised less awareness without the virginity-losing metaphor, but I think it cheapened the overall message.

As well, this idea has been used before — in a much more creepy fashion — in the re-election campaign of another powerful world leader.

Find out who it was below.

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