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Contemporary Beauty Ideals

Contemporary Beauty Ideals

After Ingres. The bather of Valpinçon, Oil on canvas, 146/98cm. 2009

These paintings made by Remus Grecu are part of a campaign from earlier this year made for ANAD, the German eating disorder aid foundation.
Is the museum the place to show the beauty ideal? The three oil paintings where shown in the Städel Museum in Frankfurt with a lot of impact.

On a plaque next to the painting:
Beauty ideals change. Today, the media and the cosmetics and fashion industries all promote body measurements that are unattainable for people with healthy eating behaviors, effectively turning disorders like anorexia and bulimia into trends.
But while in most countries models with a body mass index below 18 are banned from work, in Germany the seriousness of the issue is still downplayed.
Support prevention and education:

After Manet, Olympia. Oil on canvas, 190/130cm:


After Boucher, Nude on a sofa. Oil on canvas, 73/59cm. 2009:


Ogilvy & Mather, Frankfurt

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