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Continental inequality, as shown by the Olympic rings

Continental inequality, as shown by the Olympic rings


Mother London Creative Director Gustavo Sousa has manipulated the iconic rings to create an animated infographic to highlight, in the words of The Drum, “the global issues which can be forgotten in the excitement of the Games”.

Originally from Brazil, Sousa started with the five colour-coded (but always equal) Olympic rings that represent the five continents in the Olympic Games, then morphed them to show the realities of global inequality.

Sousa commented, “The rings represent healthy competition and union, but we know the world isn’t perfect. Maybe understanding the differences is the first step to try to make things more equal.”

The colour code for the graphs is: Blue – Oceania (Australia and its proximate islands); Yellow- Africa; Black – Europe; Green- Asia; Red – the Americas.

The project began as a Tumblr called oceaniaeuropeamericasafricaasia. It features 16 graphics — one to represent each day of the Olympics.

While the IOC surely won’t be pleased at the logo manipulation, I think it’s a great conversation piece.

Gustavo Sousa (Mother London)
The Drum

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