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Coral Sea Retro Love

Coral Sea Retro Love

I love this remarkable video from Protect our Coral Sea. What a brilliant song. This kind of beach and sea life is the ultimate happiness for me. Maybe it is because I grew up and live near the sea.

But I have doubts about the seventies retro style. Is it a smart strategic way to communicate? Those days are gone. I hope I’m wrong.

Protect our Coral Sea Ambassadors actress Isabel Lucas and her boyfriend musician Angus Stone have created this 2 minute short video titled ‘Coral Sea Love’ in support of this campaign which was released on World Oceans Day on 8 June. This is their first joint creative effort. Julia Stone wrote and sings on the ‘Coral Sea Love’ video, her song titled ’ In the City of Lights’, it is a yet to be released.

Isabel Lucas and Angus Stone: “Protect our Coral Sea gives everyone a ‘don’t it always seem to go ‘til you don’t know what you got ‘til it’s gone’ opportunity to protect our precious Coral Sea for our children’s children to enjoy.  We believe it is our duty, together, to protect & love these beautiful sea creatures and their ecosystems living in this great oceanic garden. Please sign the petition.”


Protect our Coral Sea: “Less than 1% of the world’s oceans are fully protected – the world needs oceanic marine parks like national parks that are so common on land to safeguard the world’s marine creatures.
In the last 50 years, 90% of the world’s big ocean-going fish have disappeared due to overfishing. The Coral Sea is one of the last places on Earth where large marine animals can still be found in great numbers, making it a special place on a global scale. If the whole of the Coral Sea was fully protected, at about one million square kilometers, this new Coral Sea Marine Park would be the world’s largest marine park, and would make an unparalleled contribution to global marine conservation, lying as it does next to the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.”

The Protect our Coral Sea campaign is a joint effort from the Pew Environment Group–Australia, Australian Conservation Foundation, Australian Marine Conservation Society, Humane Society International, Queensland Conservation, National Parks Association of Queensland, North Queensland Conservation Council, Wildlife Queensland, Cairns and Far North Environment Centre and Project AWARE.

Protect our Coral Sea

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