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Could you hurt someone who has your blood running through their veins?

Could you hurt someone who has your blood running through their veins?

I wrote about the Impossible Brief before, very briefly in 2010. I forgot about it until a few weeks ago when I saw the result: Blood Relations. To be enthusiastic is an understatement. For me this is one of the highlights from 2011. It is how hate and revenge can change in love and understanding.
It isn’t the ultimate solution, but it is powerful. It is about blood, a symbol for war and for life. A vehicle what can only be conceived by a creative.

The Impossible Brief was launched in June 2010 by Saatchi & Saatchi Israel at the Cannes Advertising Festival. Creative minds from all over the world were invited to present ideas that would bring Israelis and Palestinians closer together.

Saatchi & Saatchi Israel launched the ‘Impossible Brief’ which led to ‘Blood Relations’ – a joint Israeli-Palestinian blood donation last week of September in Tel Aviv.  Israeli and Palestinian members of the Parents Circle Families Forum (PCFF), an organisation for parents from both sides of the conflict who have lost family members, came together to give blood as a symbolic act of healing. The blood donations will be shared by Israeli hospitals through the Israeli Blood Bank, Magen David Adom and the Al-Makassed Islamic Charitable Society Hospital for Palestinians in East Jerusalem.

Ali Abu Awwad, Spokesperson and Project Manager said on behalf of the Parents Circle Families Forum: “Blood Relations’ seeks to provide a catalyst for dialog by demonstrating two peoples’ shared humanity through the common bond of blood. It is incumbent upon us to stress the need for an ongoing dialog towards peace, whatever the result of the Palestinian quest for an independent viable state.”

Yossi Lubaton, CEO of BBR Saatchi & Saatchi Israel said: “I am very pleased that the Impossible Brief project is entering its second year of activities. It’s exciting to see how an idea conceived in an ad agency by creatives, which is just beginning to take shape, can influence people in the most profound way.”
“The world of communications and of politics is changing at breakneck speed; we are witnesses to a revolution whereby the power has passed to the consumer, to the ordinary citizen. Things that were impossible to imagine less than a year ago are in full swing today.”

“The motto we live by in all our work is that nothing is impossible. And surely the fact that, even during such a politically sensitive time, we are managing to launch the ‘Blood Relations’ idea in collaboration with the Parents Circle Families Forum and the Peres Center for Peace, is the greatest testament to that notion.”


Israel’s leading TV channel (Channel 2) followed the “Impossible Brief” team throughout the course of the entire project and how “Blood Relations” was brought to life.
This report was broadcasted on prime time and received a 25% rating

Blood Relations

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