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Counting casual homophobia real-time #NoHomophobes

Counting casual homophobia real-time #NoHomophobes


Calder Bateman (Edmonton) partnered with Burnkit (Vancouver) to develop an anti-homophobia website for the University of Alberta’s Institute for Sexual Minority Studies and Services. The website,, shows how frequently and casually homophobic language is used by displaying tweets featuring “so gay”, “no homo”, “faggot” and “dyke”. These tweets are pulled, tracked and displayed in real time on the website.

The website begins with: “Homophobic language isn’t always meant to be hurtful, but how often do we use it without thinking?” That’s true but I’m shocked by the number of truly discriminatory tweets.

The idea isn’t new. See the related posts:

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The campaign is accompanied by four posters with smart use of QR codes and one of the four invectives. The viewer is tempted to scan the code because the meaning is not entirely clear.
Small complaint: the code leads the viewer to the standard website, not to a mobile version.





Institute for Sexual Minority Studies and Services, University of Alberta
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