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Course suckers

Course suckers



A friend of my did his own way of activism a few times. He is living in the neighboorhood of a golf course and after a visit at a local cafe he left his faeces in the golf put. Imagine the first person who ‘put’ the next day :-).
These ads are from the WWF in Turkey. Although golf is a nice game, golf courses are terrible for nature.

Copy first ad:
– Bir golf sahasi 15.000 m3 suyu emmek demek!
Güney kiyilarimizda yapimi planlanan golf sahalarinin sulanmasi için milyonlarca metreküp yeralti suyu harcanacak. Üstelik bölgenin su kaynaklari yeni sahalari kaldiramayacak kadar sinirli. Bir büyük yanlisi engellemek için bize destek verin.
– A single golf course sucks away 15.000m3 of water!
Golf courses absorb millions of cubic meters. However in southern Turkey where they are planning to build several courses, the underground water resources are extremely limited. Take action. Help us to stop them.

Copy second ad:
– Tek vurusta 200.000 agaç!
– 200.000 trees with one strike.
This ad won Silver at the Epica awards 2006 in the category print.

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World Wildlife Fund Turkey

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