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Cover For Elderly People

Cover For Elderly People

This new campaign started in february and made by McCann Digital Israel shows us how great a 0$-facebook campaign can work!
The holidays were coming up, and they wanted to raise awareness for the
shorashim group – an organization that provides food for thousands of only elderly people.


McCann Digital Israel kindly asked one hundred local celebrities to age their profiles
using a special app, and also change their facebook cover with their message.

Within 24 hours 100 people became 500, and 500 became thousands…

Shorashim has two large campaigns that occur twice a year, before the Passover and Rosh Hashanah holidays. During these times, Shorashim organizes packages that are filled with food, toys and flowers. The packages arrive to the doorsteps of homes, from the efforts of many volunteers who bring warmth and smiles to the holiday season.

Shorashim is focused on strengthening two communities: elderly people who are alone, and the Ethiopian community, which has many single-parent households that are in great distress. Shorashim decided it was unacceptable and must be brought to light that in Tel Aviv-Yafo, in a city that can, where all things are possible, that there exists a damaged community, which lives in silence and isolation. source: Shorashim Group

Shorashim Group
McCann Digital Israel
Additional credits:
VP Creative: Nir Refuah
Creative Director: Ami Alush
Copywriter: Tal Schweiger, Ami Alush
Art Director: Nir Hersztadt

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