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Crime watch: who are these men?

Crime watch: who are these men?

This video became viral today and that was also the intention of the non-profit and the ad agency behind it. With the question to watch the video to the end. That sounds forced, but it isn’t.

The viral starts as a ordinary crime watch witness call. At the end it becomes clear that it’s not about criminals but about animal lovers. It is a ‘Heat action’ done for the Dutch Dierenbescherming (animal protection organisation). With the current summer weather, they still get reports of overheated dogs left in the car.

A stationary car gets hot in the sun, often up to 50 degrees Celsius, even though the windows are open. Contrary to what is often thought, it is usually not the oxygen deficiency that the dog succumbs to, but overheating.

The police supports the campaign by spreading it through social media channels like the tweet below. In the Twitter replies they ask the public to call the emergency number first before breaking the car window.

Agency: Fama Volat
Production: Cutjongens

No animals are harmed in making this production.

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