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Culture jamming in Rome: Dislike – share this with a pic

Culture jamming in Rome: Dislike – share this with a pic

These are images from a recent culture jamming action in Rome. The sender is anonymous.

According to the sender the action was done because of the corrupt Italy political landscape. Not against a single political party. It is about all of them.

More than thousand posters where jammed with three different stickers: “Dislike. Share this with a pic”, “Shit This – Follow on Twitter” and “404 Page Not Found –  the page hasn’t been digested. Try again!”


The anonymous sender (without editing): “Today, Facebook and Twitter are the most used social networks in the world and inevitably sharing mechanisms, such as “like” and “tweets” have become our new forms of communication and expression. So why not carry these forms of expression, in a symbolic way, in real life? Why not really make gestures of virtual materials, leading the way … the web and the web in the street?
The city of Rome is not a random choice, given that less than a month ago was initially brought to its knees by a real urban warfare between police and angry, then a flood that has caused little damage, emphasizing the infinite problems and deficiencies of capital (the symbol of Italy in the world) is not worthy of being … and therefore not comparable to other world cities.”





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