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Cursor Swarm in the European Parliament

Cursor Swarm in the European Parliament


A lot of cursors are waylay the European Parliament in this video from the World Wildlife fund (WWF).
If the current fishing regulations aren’t drastically improved, in 2022 Europe’s fish stocks will be severely depleted according to the WWF.
This month the European Parliament’s Fisheries Committee debates and votes on the future of our oceans. And the WWF wants you to be part of the swarm and organised an online petition to put pressure on the Fisheries Committee decision.

World Wildlife fund (WWF)
Aimaq Von Lobenstein
Additional credits:
Directed by Moth Collective
Music and Sound Design: Marian Mentrup
Animation: Marie-Margaux Tsakiri-Scanatovits, Daniel Chester, David Prosser, Matthias Hoegg, Mikey Please, James Hatley, Kristian Andrews, Daniela Negrin Ochoa, Matthew Frost, Ifor Ashton
Compositing: Daniel Chester, Matthias Hoegg, Mikey Please

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