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DATA (Designers Against Tibetan Abuse)

DATA (Designers Against Tibetan Abuse)


“As designers we have a social obligation to raise awareness of the horrors that less fortunate people face. Tibet has been illegally occupied by China since 1950 and yet only recently with the Olympic Torch fiasco have these attrocities been recognised by the popular radar…”

“…Please note that this society does not condone the discrimination or slander of any race, especially the Chinese, as they themselves have no idea what has been going on. Thus the sole purpose of this society is to raise awareness of the facts and not to make judgement upon anyone, let alone discriminate against them…”
DATA is currently working on its first project, collaborating with some of the most renowned designers, illustrators, digital artists, photographers and motion designers to create a book.

Some confirmed participants are:

Adhemas Batista, Alex Trochut, Bram Timmer, David Carvalho (Karpa) Greig Anderson, Pawel Nolbert (hellocolor), Pete Harrison (Aeiko), Mike Harrison (Destill), Si Scott, Justin Maller (superlover and depthcore), Diogo Potes (six letter word) etc.

Although at this moment in time, participants for the book in project 1 are by invite only.

An interesting initiative, in my opinion they should open this to more people because there other designers who have a lot to share. Especially those in the social design field like Kate Andres, the team from Change, etc. 😀


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