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Deadly Shadows #ShineALight

Deadly Shadows #ShineALight

This new video from Human Appeal, called ‘Shine A Light’, explores the causes of child mortality around the world. It shows a child’s shadow frozen in time and seamlessly replaced with the identical shadow of a genuine arrangement of rotting food, damaged medical equipment, dirty water, weapons and ammunition.

The sculpture in the video is made from objects representing Human Appeal’s work in 25 countries across three continents. Like a family photo with the parents singed out, insect-ridden food and dirty water dripping from a tap. All dangers in the life of children.

The video is part of the 2015 Ramadan campaign.

Othman Moqbel, CEO of Human Appeal:

This year’s Ramadan campaign aims to spread awareness not only of the scale of global poverty, but also all the factors which contribute to the problem. From providing access to clean water to helping prevent the spread of disease, this film highlights the work that Human Appeal does to help some of the world’s poorest people. We hope its inclusive, global message will encourage both Muslims and non-Muslims alike to donate.

The film was directed by renowned director and visual effects specialist Markus Lundqvist of production house Knucklehead. The sculpture was crafted by The Arch Model Studio in London. Agency is Don’t Panic.

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